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  1. VMV EVENT CENTER AND MUSIC SCHOOL ST. VALENTIN | TYPE open competition - 4th prize-recognition  LOCATION St. Valentin / Austria  YEAR 2016 MODEL Harry Schmidt

    The planned event center and music school is concentrated on the northern part of the site. The three different functional units event center, music school and restaurant are organized in a single volume, independent activities as well as synergies are however possible.   A generous public space in front of the building, flanked by a large seating ramp, provides space for outdoor events, all public entrances are oriented to this public space.
    Entering the event area, the foyer is pushed through the entire width of the buidling and evolves upwards over two floor with multiple openings to the outside. The ground floor of the Great Hall is divideable into two sepereate rooms for 450 and 300 people, another area for 150 people is located on the gallery.
    The music school is entered through a small foyer that can be expanded by the adjacent auditorium. The required connection to the event area can be easily established, wardrobe, foyer and catering areas can be shared.
    Above the auditorium an atrium is cut into the building bringing light and creating visual references within the building. The space program on the upper floors of the music school is clearly, concise and compact organized.
    The building is planned as a solid construction with special attention to the acoustic serperation of the functional units. The facade of anodized aluminium stripes gives the volume the necessary autonomy and solitaire effect as a new cultural center.