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    SCHOOL CAMPUS HARD | TYPE 2-stage Competition  LOCATION Hard / Austria  YEAR 2014  COLLABORATION Pichler & Traupmann Architekten ZT GmbH  TEAM Wolfgang Windt  VISUALISATION Damjan Minovski  MODEL Harald Schmidt, Vienna

    Interweaving Systems as theme and guiding principle for the design of the school in Hard / Austria. As a form-content relation principle, which reflects the spatial components depending on various action and behaviors, but also in the allocation of the various individual components to each other , which ultimately generates an elegant interplay of various patterns and geometric typologies.
    The existing ensemble of sports halls are continued with a clearly formulated addition. In the northeast the building creates a duality of hard edge and softer form, of built and natural landscape, an intense interweaving of buidling mass and free space. The articulated outdoor space pushes deep between each cluster.
    In the foyer the landscape design continues into the interior and generates a self-supporting curved stair that leads to open areas and public funtions in the upper floors. The duality of functional entities and open platforms for differnt activities can be experienced throughout the building.