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  1. WPS HOUSING PRADLER SAGGEN | TYPE invited competition | LOCATION Innsbruck / Austria | YEAR 2014 | COLLABORATION Architekt Dieter Tuscher | MODEL Harald Schmidt

    The existing narrow, elongated and low building structures with its intervening large green courtyards are the role model for the new urban development. The heights of the new buildings react on the neighboring structures and generate the necessary densification. A largely linear arrangement from north to south generates intermediate green spaces that connect to the open green and recreational space along the river Sill. The intersections of the linear volumes provide a diagonal connection between the green spaces and generous entrance areas with open communication spaces.
    The existing road network is included in a modified way with additional connections to the main axis. Existing gate like passages that connect to generous open spaces are reinterpreted in the new east-west-connection with the adjacent entrance areas. A new public space in the center should contribute to the identity of the new quarter.